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Wedding favours starting point…

Have a think about how many favours you need to produce, how long you have got to make them and who can help you before you commit to an idea.

Assuming you are months away from the date and have a stalwart gang of family members or best friends booked to help you the next step is to have a think about what style of wedding and décor you have chosen. Will the favours be part of the table settings, on a separate side table or given as a parting gift?

What is your budget? Even homemade favours cost money – sometimes they cost more than bought ones. You will need to buy ingredients or materials and then pretty packaging or labels to personalise the gifts.


Inexpensive & easy to make ideas

  • Sweets or seeds (Forget-me-not is a good choice) in a brown paper bag that has been decorated with stamps and tied with string is popular or you can use pretty envelopes or celephane.
  • Fudge hearts in a jar or as part of the table setting
  • Pebble with name stenciled on
  • Badges – if you know someone with a badge making machine
  • Small potted plant such as a succulent with ribbon or lace in wedding colours tied around it.
  • Jar of unpopped popping corn with ‘thanks for popping by’ message
  • Fabric hearts in the wedding colours
  • Cup cakes in individual boxes
  • Iced biscuits with bride and grooms initials or wedding date on
  • Soap in brown paper and string with dried lavender tucked in
  • Candles in a teacup
  • Homemade lollies or cakepops

More ambitious…

If you are a foodie and love cooking why not share some of your efforts in the kitchen with your nearest and dearest? Culinary offerings require some sort of container such as an air tight jamjar, mini mason jars or small bottles. Have a look to see what you can obtain for the amount of guests you have before buying your ingredients.

In bottles

  • Hot spicy sauce
  • Limencello
  • Olive oil with rosemary, garlic or chilli
  • Elderflower cordial or other syrups
  • Sloe gin, damson gin and raspberry gin
  • One of our brides made homemade vodka (Skittle flavour) and presented them in different coloured glass bottles which looked amazing

In jars

  • Pickles
  • Honey or jam
  • Cocoa ingredients layered up including the marshmallows and sprinkles on the top

You could self publish a book of your favourite recipes and those from both sides of the family to celebrate the union.

Whatever you decide – make sure that it’s fun. Make a weekend of it or a few evenings and enjoy the process.

Starting and adding to your special day only brings further excitement along the way. Its a great passtime infront of the tv or around a table with a few glasses of wine to get the chuckles going. Remembering you only look to do this once and every special detail on the day will have your guests smiling with the WOW factor.

As wedding & event caterers we are not onle here to cater your event?? But also to guide you in the right direction aswell.

Good luck with your designs we are always here to help.

The Charlie’s Event Catering Team

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